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Easy to use…..makes your CDL pre-trip inspection complete!

***Call 989-634-5681 to order***


This is the first time CDL drivers can perform a comprehensive inspection of their vehicle with efficiency and accuracy.  Ease of application is at your fingertips


  • A professional tool for professional drivers


  • Can be used on all commercial vehicles


  • Quality engineered


  • Easy to use


  • Lifetime warranty


  • Proudly made in the USA


  • LITE-CK serves a dual purpose during inspection of your vehicle:


  • As a brake light inspection tool, you can check all brake lights.


  • As a tire inflation thumper, you can check the inflation of tires.


To use:


Position LITE-CK between seat and brake pedal, move seat forward if necessary.  Be sure to activate spring tension (unlocked position).  Pedal pressure may be increased or decreased by adjusting seat position.


Mounting location for school buses in Michigan:  On floor area to the left of the driver’s seat, install clamp (included) securely on the floor.  Maintain LITE-CK out of view of passengers.